The Terms “Interpretation” and “Translation” are not synonymous. Interpretation refers to the spoken transference of meaning between two languages while translation refers to the written one. A translator has time and access to resource to produce a true , faithful and accurate documents.At AFLS ,all translation and proofreading service are undertaken by native-speaking , educating and having technical industries experience to suit you . AFLS Provides Foreign languages translation for the following industries, for your translation project, we are only native-speaking, experienced, educated and industry –specific translation.
We undertake a large amount of public sector interpreting for local and central government organizations who recognize the value of effective communication with their citizens, whatever language they speak.

Technical Translation

  • Technical Manuals ,Design Specification
  • Installation & Service Manuals
  • Maintenance & Troubleshooting Guides
  • Engineering Specification
  • Policy and procedure manuals, patents & more...

Financial translation

  • Insurance Claim, Pension Plan
  • Annual Report & Financial statements
  • Business Plan, Mortgage application & more...

Legal translation

  • Real estate transaction, Legal Contracts, agreements adoption papers
  • Legal Contracts, agreements Installation & Service Manuals
  • Research Complaint, Immigration Documents & more...

Literary translation

  • Book ,Short stories
  • Fiction & Non fiction
  • Magazine articles & Research Paper & more...

Marketing translation

  • Marketing materials
  • Sales Presentation & Proposal Request
  • Brochures & Product catalogue
  • Print advertisement & more...

Medical translation

  • Pharmaceuticals Clinic Trials
  • Patient Survey, Patients records
  • Research Report
  • Medical equipment manuals

Manufacturing & Engineering Translation

  • Technical reports Translation
  • Engineering specification Translation
  • Technical Drawing Translation
  • Operating Manuals
  • Technical Patents