Fastest professional Proofreading Services by 4000+ certified Proofreaders who offer accurate Proofreading Services in 150+ languages for the government, public and private sectors. AFLS helps to fetch your businesses to the highest degree through our in-house proofreading experts for your business ventures.

We at AFLS correct the translations in order to assure the absolute precision of the translation and to make it sound like a real document originally written in source languages and not like a translation. With the experience and expertise of our professional proofreaders, we are able to deliver quality content without compromising on the meaning that the content dictates.Whole range of linguistic services required to verify the accuracy and quality of a translation and guarantee that each project is completed as thoroughly as possible.

Our editors precisely analyse and review all translated content for spelling errors, sentence formation, punctuation, structuring and grammar which further enhances the credibility of the content. If you need quality translation service that reads like the original document then don't hesitate to approach us. We offer a wide range of linguistic services with special focus towards proofreading and editing, at affordable prices.

We help authors, scholars, and professionals with proofreading of their manuscrits. We ensure that your document is error free. Check some of our clients and their remarks about our services.

Types of Proofreading Services Offered at AFLS

  • Grammar, syntax, spelling, and punctuation
  • Word choice - Diction
  • Internal consistency
  • Correct and consistent use of abbreviations
  • Complete formatting
  • Complete, consistent and accurate referencing
  • Ph.D. thesis
  • Research papers
  • Statement of purpose
  • Fiction and non-fiction books
  • eBooks
  • Company proposals, and policy documents
  • Essays

What our Proof-readers will do

Every AFLS order includes both proofreading and editing. Our proof-readers will make direct changes using Word’s Track Changes feature and provide feedback in comments to help you become a better academic writer. See an editing example.


Our Proof-readers will directly correct errors related to:

  • Spelling (e.g., typos and hyphenation)
  • Punctuation
  • Grammar and syntax (e.g., sentence structure and prepositions)
Academic style

They’ll make sure your work meets academic writing standards:

  • Style and tone (e.g., avoiding subjective language and overuse of passive voice)
  • Academic writing conventions (e.g., abbreviations and equations)
  • Consistency (e.g., dialect and style choices)
Feedback & suggestions

They’ll leave thoughtful comments and queries to:

  • Indicate unclear text
  • Suggest improvements
  • Offer general advice

A dedicated citation expert will ensure your in-text citations and reference list meet your style guide’s requirements

Feedback & suggestions

They’ll leave thoughtful comments and queries to:

  • Indicate unclear text
  • Suggest improvements
  • Offer general advice

Our experts are familiar with all common citation styles, including APA, MLA, and Chicago.


Citation editing costs $2.75 per source and can be purchased sparately or in combination with Proofreading & Editing. AFLS’S proofreading and editing services are rated  4.9/5  based on  2,187 reviews on Trust pilot.

Revise and submit

Use the feedback from your editor to guide your final revisions and submit your work with confidence.our editor is ready. Are you? AFLS’s academic editors can edit your work in less than 24 hours, with 

100% happiness guarantee

We aim for 100% happiness . If you’re not satisfied with your edit, we will reedit your work or give you a refund—that’s a promise!