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What is Subtitle Translation?

From big Hollywood, Bollywood & Tollywood blockbusters to short YouTube clips, subtitles are an important part of our everyday lives. They allow us to understand dialogue or text when we can’t speak the source language. Our subtitle translation services enable your video content to maintain its original meaning, tone and context, whilst reaching a multilingual audience.

Translating subtitles opens your content up to international audiences, allowing your message to reach much further. All our subtitles are written by highly skilled language professionals who can


AFLS helps a long list of multi-national organisations craft communication for audiences all over the world. Adapting video content is one of the fastest-growing areas of our business. Open captions. Closed captions. Subtitles. We do the lot. Every job is different, but our approach remains the same. At AFLS we deliver high-quality subtitle translation in five steps.

  • 1. Briefing and planning

    When you’re tailoring content for multiple markets, success depends on details. What languages do you need? What nuances and local sensibilities should be considered? Are you looking for captions or subtitles? Once we have received your brief, we’ll talk you through the details and to design a strategy built to succeed.

  • 2. Translation

    AFLS is supported by a network of highly skilled language professionals from across the world. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our work, but we don’t stop there. We also stress-test language to highlight any cultural issues that might impede the success of the video. Translation captures the meaning, but it’s localization that helps content make a real connection.

  • 3. Time coding

    Subtitles can’t be plastered on like wallpaper. They need to be adjusted with precision. Consideration needs to be given to meaning and reading time. Getting the pace right between two languages is a fine art, and one of the main reasons automated translations can’t compete with a professional translation service.

  • 4. Testing and delivery

    Before the subtitled content is shared with you for approval, we’ll test the film with a native audience for comprehension and readability. Once we get the nod, the subtitles can be shared with you already burnt into the film,
    or delivered in one of the available subtitle formats such as SCC and SRT.

  • 5. Final deliveryt

     Once we have your final approval, the completed files will be shared with you via email, a downloadable link, or through a secure server.





Why do clients trust AFLS for Subtitle translation?

The quality of our translation

We take time to find the right translators. They have to be masters of language, but we also look for linguists with professional experience of the working world. We’ll always connect you with a team skilled in the languages you need, and the business you’re in. 

The depth of our experience

We’re not learning on the job. We’ve been doing this since 1999. No matter what markets you need, or what scale, the chances are we’ve been there before. We’re still here and we’re still smiling.

The accuracy and speed of our work

The world’s getting faster. Delivery times are getting shorter. And you’re on the frontline. We know what it’s like. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering intelligent translation with the efficiency of a well-oiled machine.


Subtitling services for educational videos

We provide subtitling services for educational videos.

We also provide subtitling services for online learning.

We provide subtitling services in a range of languages for educational videos.


Deliver optimum subtitling services to make the viewers feel comfortable while watching the content in their native language and understand it well.

Lingual Subtitling Services

Delivers Intralingual subtitling services by delivering a complete transcription of the soundtrack of a video in the same language as the original soundtrack. We deliver these services for recipients who suffer from hearing disability, are hard-of-hearing, or are the L2 learners. Our subtitle experts design precise and accurate intralingual subtitles.
We create interlingual subtitles in a way that makes the viewers feel like watching the content in their own language. We ensure that the subtitles are placed in alignment with the dialogues.

Subtitling Services for Movies

AFLS provides subtitle translation services for all sorts of movies and TV shows in the native language.

Foreign Footage Subtitling

AFLS delivers the subtitles in all languages possible

Corporate sector

AFLS provides subtitles for training modules and other virtual content for the corporate sector. We being one of the best subtitle companies deliver clear and accurate subtitles for lectures and tutorials for corporate companies in multiple languages to serve businesses around the globe.

Ngual Subtitling Services

FLS delivers optimum Interlingual subtitling services by translating the video content from one language into another. Our multilingual subtitling professionals create accurate subtitles in diverse languages. We design subtitling services considering the tone, emotions, clarity as well as understandability of the video and ensure that it is accurately delivered to the viewers.


AFLS is one of the best subtitling companies in the entertainment industry. We deliver easy to understand professional subtitling services for film, media, and other entertainment units. We a subtitling agency cater to national and international clients and deliver subtitling services in multiple languages.

Educational Institutes

AFLS provides subtitles for various teaching modules for educational institutions.



Caption and Subtitling Formats Explained

  • SRT 

    This is the most common subtitle/caption file format, especially for  YouTube  or  Facebook captioning. It is a text format that originated in the DVD-ripping software Sub Rip and stands for “Sub Rip Subtitle” file.

  • STL 

    Used for DVD Studio Pro . It was developed by Spruce Technologies and known as “Spruce Subtitle File.”

  • SCC 

    Popular standard used for Line 21 broadcast closed captions, web media, DVD, as well as  subtitles for iTunes, iPods, iPads, and iPhones. It was originally developed by Sonic and stands for “Scenarist Closed Caption.”

  • SBV 

    This is a  YouTube caption file formatthat stands for “Sub Viewer.” It’s what you get when you download captions from YouTube. It’s a text format that is very similar to SRT.

  • CAP 

    This is a common subtitle/caption file format for broadcast media. It was developed by Cheetah International.

  • DFXP  

    This is the most common format used for captioning Flash video . It’s a timed-text format that was developed by W3C and stands for “Distribution Format Exchange Profile.”

  • RT  

    Real Text captions for Real Media video or audio.


    XML format used for encoding captions into Flash video. It originated in the caption-embedding software Captionate.

  • SAMI (SMI)  

    Used for Windows Media  video or audio. It was developed by Microsoft and stands for “Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange.”

  • QT 

    Caption format used for QuickTime video or audio. It was developed by Apple.

  • EBU.STL 

    This is a common subtitle/caption file format for PAL broadcast media. It was developed by the European Broadcast Union

  • Web VTT

    Caption format for HTML5 media players.

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