India and Italy are ancient civilizations but young states (Italy having been reunified only in1861). These two ancient civilizations have known, interacted andtraded with each other for over 2000 years. Modern day contacts between the two nations were formed through exchanges between the intellectuals from both sides. Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore visited Italy in1926, on invitation of Carlo Formichi, a Professor of Sanskrit at the University of Rome. Mahatma Gandhi visited Rome in 1931 on his way back toIndia from the Round Table Conference held at London. Leaders of the Indian freedom struggle read the works of the Italian revolutionary Mazzini of early 19th century, who worked for a Democratic Republic of Italy. Indian troops, serving with the British Indian Army, were active in Italy during the World War II .

India exports to Italy mainly readymade garments, textiles, yarn, leather product, chemical and dyes, iron ore, marine product, agriculture and engineeringitems , gems and jewelry ,carpet, coffee, pharmaceuticals.

The main item exported by Italy to India are : Machinery and capitals goods, medical oil and gas oil, nonelectrical equipment, engineering items, precision tools, metallurgical product, chemical and pharmaceuticals product, iron steel and laminator.

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Few our Italian Interpreter service are :
  • Commercial and economic interpreter Service
  • Administrative and Financial Interpreter Service
  • Simultaneous and Consecutive Interpreter Service
  • Personal Interpreter Service
  • For Factory and Machine Installation interpreter Service
  • Conference Interpreting Service
  • Interpreter for Tourist Service
  • Technical and Business Interpreting Service
  • Whispering Interpreter Service
  • Public Service/Community Interpreting Service
  • Sign Language Interpreting Service
  • Telephonic Interpreting Service
We offer translation services for a wide variety of documents including, but not limited to, the following :
  • Installation, maintenance, and training manuals
  • Medical translation
  • Marketing materials
  • E-Learning materials
  • Legal document translation
  • Financial documents, company charters, and contracts
  • Personal documents such as certificates, letters, and school records
  • Questionnaires and interviews
  • Newsletters and press releases
  • Websites
  • Product catalogues
  • Social media materials
  • Books and e-books
  • Reports
  • Software
  • Technical data and specification sheets
  • And much more!
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