Dubbing Service

AFLS provides accurate, effective and affordable dubbing services for businesses worldwide. We have an extensive network of professional voice talent and video editors, covering multiple languages. We provide professional lip synchronization and voice over acting/narration and our technical supervisors ensure perfect timing, sound quality, and the highest overall quality voiceover production values. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Dubbing Services to Us

Is your company planning to promote an online video to an audience that speaks a language different from yours? Dubbing is something that you need. With the help of this technique, you can make your video content accessible to your target audiences. Outsourcing dubbing solutions to us can get your video the support of a professional dubbing artist who can remove all the cultural differences by clearly communicating the appropriate message of the video content.

Type of Dubbing

TAt AFLS we primarily work in 4 kinds of voice over dubbings;

Timed Audio

AFLS provides professional Timed audio services where narration is required within a certain time limitation, i.e., a certain number of minutes and seconds. The translated scripts are created carefully by our team and the audio incorporated complements each segment of the video, pictures, animation and other elements. 

UN Voice Over

We provide high quality UN voice over services for radio, TV reports, features and documentaries to keep the authenticity and emotions intact of the original speaker. Our dubbing team ascertains that in a UN-style voice-over, the original speaker can be heard in the background, so that the audience is aware that the translated voice over is acting as an interpretation of what is being said. 


Incorporated in Elearning, tutorials and corporate presentations, AFLS provides Phrase-sync dubbing services ensuring that a close attention is paid to the original timing of the video. As Phrase-sync does not involve mirroring lip movement of the characters on screen, the video is carefully matched, taking one phrase at a time and the dubbed artists start and end their speech at the same time as the characters.


Lip-syne dubbing is usually used in movies and feature films and AFLS as proficient dubbing voice-over artis can match the lip movements, vocal speed, tone and personality of the original character so that the original and dubbed videos sync together. Our dubbing team ensures that the onscreen person looks as if he/she was originally speaking that language by adapting the translation both to the length of the original phrases and the lip movements of the onscreen character.

Types of Dubbing Services Offered at AFLS

  • TV Shows Dubbing
  • Film Dubbing
  • Documentary Dubbing
  • Webcast and Podcast Dubbing
  • Educational Video Dubbing
  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Theatrical Dubbing
  • Live action Dubbing
  • Voice over Dubbing
  • Corporate Dubbing
  • Industrial Dubbing
  • Telephonic Dubbing
  • Narration Dubbing
  • Entertainment Dubbing
  • Animation Dubbing
  • Commercial Dubbing
  • Multilingual Dubbing
  • Cartoon Dubbing
  • Theatrical Dubbing
  • Live action Dubbing
  • Voice over Dubbing
  • Corporate Dubbing
  • Industrial Dubbing
  • Telephonic Dubbing

work methodology

You can send us your videos and content in any format and we will take care of the rest by adhering to the following work methodology:

  • 1. The script is prepared by our vetted team consisting of skilled linguists, transcribers and translators. If required, the audio is changed to the text format and then translated to the required language ensuring the intended meaning remains intact. The video is analyzed frame-by-frame and every dialogue and pause is examined to create a script that is ready for recording.

  • 2. After the script is ready, the next step is to cast the appropriate voice actor. With experienced native speaking dubbing artists, we offer you many male and female talents with perfect pronunciation, style and tonality for your project, in a jiffy. 

  • 3. Our voice artists work closely with the sound engineers and are keenly supervised by the dubbing director. The process is time consuming, as it needs proper lip and time sync with the video. Our directors and voice actors will help to create the closest possible match between sight and sound.

  • 4. After this, the dialogue mixing/editing is done and the volume levels, pace, pitch, speech and expression are adjusted, as required.

  • 5. The prepared project is then checked for any remaining errors. After passing through our quality control process, we deliver the projects as soon as possible, in the format of your choice.

Bring your script to life

AFLS provides dubbing services in 150+ languages for the needs of your TV, film, animation, commercial, video game or other content genre needs. We breathe life into your stories and create truly immersive, memorable experiences to fascinate and engage your viewers in another language.

A well-crafted dub makes the content native and unnoticeable to viewers as it feels like an original. Thus, we don’t simply translate and dub your source video script. Instead, we assist you in culturally adapting your content to consider local norms, traditions and sensitivities. We employ empathy to help your characters establish a deeper cultural and emotional connection with your target audience.
From file transfer, script translation and cultural adaptation through talent casting, session directing, dialogue recording, mixing and post-production, we provide 360-degree convergence under one roof.

our Service

Rest assured, AFLS is the only quality dubbing Services Company that you will ever need. Let us know about your project details and our best team will assure you the best quality services, at the right price. Our prices are 100% transparent and provided to you upfront. And if you are not satisfied

with the recording quality, you can request for revision till you are satisfied! Whether your project is commercial, informational or entertaining, our dubbing service professionals will handle it with the exact same approach. They will assess your needs and present you with the solutions that you require, in order to touch your audience, retain your messaging, and expand your brand. Contact us regarding your dubbing requirements today!